The Model Incubator

The Dayton Emerging Fashion Incubator (DE-FI) LLC is NOT a modeling school, we are NOT an agency or talent management.
(DE-FI) is an organization that provides opportunities for aspiring models regardless of age, height, weight, size, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or sexuality.


Since launching July 13, 2013 nearly 30 models who got their start with (DE-FI) have gone on to sign contracts with some of the top agencies around the world. Like our designers our model alums have appeared on the covers and in the pages of Vogue, Vogue Africa, Vogue Italia, Ellements magazines, they have also walked for Versace, Marc Jacobs, walked during New York Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and have even appeared on Project Runway.

Though not a modeling agency, the (DE-FI) Model Incubator will have many of the same functions of an agency, including providing information about paid jobs, offering workshops, open dialogue, and we will continue to offer training and opportunities for aspiring models FREE of charge with the goal of getting each of you signed to legit agencies and continue to serve as a support system for models once signed.


Models in our incubator will no longer need to audition for (DE-FI) or Dayton Fashion Week events. Models will be required to match the number of hours that we invest into you back into the community, including but not limited to serving as mentors to new models into the incubator.


Models will receive professional training, runway coaching, and models selected to appear in (DE-FI)ance or A Generation of (DE-FI)ance Magazines, will receive Tear Sheet quality images that can be used for agency submissions, all FREE of charge.

Models Interested in joining the Model Incubator MUST attend one of our Quarterly Casting Calls.



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