It's Beyond Fashion Show, It's a Fashion Experience

The Fashion Experience

"I never expected to see something like this happen in Dayton, OH!  I looked around and thought that I was in New York City”

~Sherry Diamond, Manager of Commander Aero host of First Flight Now Fashion 

(DE-FI) coined the term Fashion Experience when we launched in 2013 and it took off like a wild fire, today fashion weeks and fashion organizations from around the world have used this term to describe their work.

Whether you are participating or attending a (DE-FI) produced event, you’ll never witness or experience the same event twice! From having a runway of  fire with an ancient restored Native American village as a back drop, to  shutting down an entire airplane hangar with the Wright B Flyer leading  the way; the Dayton Emerging Fashion Incubator (DE-FI) LLC brings you a Fashion Experience like no other!

This is an industry of constant change…there’s no such thing as business as usual here! Since launching in 2013, we have successfully sold out 10 events that we have produced! We are uncomfortable with being comfortable and our team of creative and talented fashion professionals is dedicated to raising the bar.  We challenge ourselves, our designers, our models, our audience, and other fashion professionals to do, want, and expect more.  We are the original Fashion Experience. #BeDisruptive #TheEvolutionContinues

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