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Designers,  the show is over, your 5 minutes of spotlight on the runway have what? This is the area that designers struggle with the  most. Not because they don’t know or can’t accumulate the knowledge, but  because to achieve your goal, you need money and resources! Can the  Dayton Emerging Fashion Incubator (DE-FI) LLC help? Yes, they can,  however, it's only short term. During the incubation process emerging  designers will learn:

• Learn the ropes of the industry 

• Discover their niche market 

• Create your business plan 

• Develop a Strategic Plan 

• Build you audience 

• Assist in the development of editorial work and runway presentation 

• How to source your product 

• Have access to Micro-manufacturing 

• Connections to larger market promotion, education, and experiences

In  the long run, an incubator’s mission and use of resources are not to  assist designers in marketing their line and retail.  Competive pricing  is not enough, and high quality deisgns alone do not always translate  into sells.  Not to mention emerging and independent designers cannot  place large quantity production orders because they don’t know how many  they can sell! Low quantities of a deisgn creates costs high, therefore  making the price high for their designs, therefore creating low sale  volume.

Dayton  Threads is a unique business that creates innovative online and offline  creative spaces to promote, support and retail the finest independent  fashion and design talent from across the U.S.  We live and breathe  independent brands! We've made it our mission to provide a platform for  designers to thrive by reaching new audiences and we pride ourselves on  selling unique, inspiring products on behalf of the some of the best  independent brands.Items that you order will be sent to you directly  from the small business that designed, created or made your product, to  wherever you are in the US, resulting in faster shipping times for you.

6 reasons To Shop With Us

 1.  We offer curated and unique products to choose from. We've done all the  hard work finding the brands you'll love and handpicked their best  pieces for you. 

2. We encourage a  fair and transparent supply chain, meaning nothing we sell is made in  sweatshops and many of the products are made right here in Dayton via  the Dayton Garment & Textile District 

3.   We support small, independent brands by ensuring the majority of sales  go directly back to the designers themselves so that they can keep on  innovating.  

4. Our independent  brands only create finite quantities of their products, meaning you'll  probably be one of just a handful of people across the world owning any  piece you buy from us.

5. With a  focus on quality rather than trends, our products are made to stand the  test of time so they can be worn or used season after season.  

6. Our micro-manufacturing team can create pieces specific to your measurements

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Designers: What Sets Us Apart


The Benefits

Dayton Threads is a retail concept that provides an opportunity  for independent brands to showcase and retail their premium collections  direct to customers through a dedicated retail space online. For brands  accepted, each brand receives the full retail price of any products  sold, less commission of 25%. 

The Talent

 We are looking for designers that fits with our core values across  multiple product categories; from jewelry, accessories and clothing, to  beauty and grooming, as well as homeware, stationery and gifts. Get in  touch if you think you've got the perfect product to expand out listings  and complement our aesthetic! 

The Opportunities

 We work with independent designers and artisans who have been  carefully selected from across the country. We work to promote and  empower them, while showcasing a curated selection of their products to a  stylish yet ethically and environmentally conscious community.  

The Economic Impact

 We have a minimum margin on all products, as we aim to assist  young designers presented here, to find their buyers, and buyers to make  a profitable purchase, directly from the designers. 


 What is Dayton Threads? 

A:  Dayton Threads is a curated marketplace for independent brands offering  womenswear, menswear, jewelry, accessories, homeware, beauty and  grooming products.  

What  makes Dayton Threads different? A:  We pride ourselves on only stocking  cutting-edge independent brands. This means you’ll always find the most  interesting, unique and unusual collections on our site, carefully  chosen by our team.  

What is so special about the brands and products available through Dayton Threads? 

A:  All collections available online have been through a rigorous selection  process. We guarantee that they have all been through this selection  process before being sold online to ensure they are independent,  cutting-edge in design and of the highest manufacturing quality. 

Do you have any physical stores? 

A: Our brick and mortar store will be opening soon 

Do the brands you sell produce their collections in factories in sweat shops? 

A:  Most manufacturing of items sold through Dayton Threads is in the US,  by the designer themselves or under their close supervision via the  Dayton Garment & Textile District. If not, we encourage our  designers to only use local artisans from their region and using  traditional methods. 

Delivery & Returns 

Where do you deliver and how much does it cost? 

A:  We currently only offer shipping within the United States and the cost  of shipping will depend on where the product is coming from. 

I ordered two items from you, why am I receiving two separate parcels?

 A:  Our designers send their products to you directly, which means faster  shipping times, and if you’ve ordered from multiple brands, you will  receive separate packages from each.

I’ve ordered items from multiple brands; will I have to pay for multiple shipping cost?

 A:  Yes. We work with designers from all over the world, so items are often  being sent from very different locations, incurring multiple shipping  costs! Our designers ship their products to you directly, meaning  multiple shipping costs are incurred. Our brands are all small,  independent businesses and you are supporting them with every purchase!

Do I need to sign for my order?

A:  Yes - for security reasons all deliveries require a signature. You can  have your order delivered to a work address such as an office, just  update the delivery address during checkout.  

How can I return my order if I change my mind? 

A: Just get in touch with us within 14 days of receiving your order, and we will arrange everything for you, for FREE.  

How can I exchange my order? 

A:  Unfortunately, we may not be able to offer exchanges depending on the  brand. If you would like to exchange sizes, please contact us within 14  days, you may need to place a new order for the size that you need and  return your original order, as we're unable to put stock on hold for  some brands.

My order hasn’t arrived, can you help? 

A:Yes, if you have nay problems with your order contact us and we will help you. 


Will I have to make multiple payments for every item I want?

 A:  No, you will only need to make a single payment no matter how many  products you order - we provide a secure single payment process to make  it easier for you to shop with us. 

What payment options do you offer? 

A: You can pay using debit,Visa, Mastercard or American Express, or via PayPal.  

Can I pay over the phone? 

A: Unfortunately we're unable to take payment over the phone. 

I’ve  spotted a product cheaper somewhere else, what can you do about it? 

A:  If the product is cheaper on the brand's own website or via one of their  direct sales channels, please Contact Us and we will match the price  for you! Please note we're unable to offer a price match for products  sold through independent retailers. 


Which size should I choose?

A:  All sizes are listed in US sizes, for custom made items based on your  exact measurements, please send your measurements based on inches. If  you’re still not sure, Contact Us and we will do our best to advise  you. 

What should I do if the item I have just received is faulty or damaged?

A:  In the unlikely event that an item is faulty or damaged when you  receive it, please inform our Customer Service team within 14 days from  the date you received it, via email to Please include a photo and description of the fault and we will arrange a return for a refund or replacement for you. 

What if I have a question that hasn’t been answered above?

 A: We are always happy to help you, please Contact US with any questions you have!.

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