March 18-21, 2020

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Introducing The Headlining Fashion Designers for Dayton Fashion Week.  The Headlining Runway Experience will take place on Saturday, March 21, 2020.


The Randy Gary Collection

Dayton Fashion Week Welcomes Randy Gary

"Big Fish in a Small Pond! The time has come, Randy Gary has gotten an opportunity to introduce himself to the Midwest.  Come experience fashion from his perspective and take a glance into his  glamorous world as he presents his first collection in 5 years." 

Designer Randy Gary answered the fashion call back in 2012 after a  visit with his  nursing school counselor. “After seeing the remaining number of science  classes I had, I knew it was time to pursue my love for fashion”.  “Fashion has always been a part of my life, I have always enjoyed the beauty of it and it is something that  has always been intriguing to me, I’ve been sewing for about 7 years  now.”

On Friday, December 13, 2019, Gary will be showcasing the Randy Gary Collection during the Headlining (DE-FI) produced fashion  experience at Dayton Fashion Week. (DE-FI) is a volunteer community  Think Tank providing access for emerging designers, aspiring models, sewers, and textile makers in the fashion industry. The event  will be held in Dayton, Ohio at the Main Event Center at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds.

As a featured designer alongside other various designers from the area,  the new Midwest-based talent will be showing his first collections in  years: The Monroe Gary collection. “Fashion show attendees can expect to  be impressed with my designs. They can expect to see wearable statement pieces, with over the top elements … exotic  prints, trains, ruffles, sparkle, just pure drama”.

The Monroe Gary collection will be inspired by the designer himself and  his take on fashion and how he views it. This time around he’s venturing  into the ready-to-wear category, but staying true to his over the top  aesthetic. This collection will truly showcase fashion from his perspective. 

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MJOCHELE by Mellissa Miller



MJochele's Creative Director (Mellissa) was raised in an  Amish/Mennonite community, learning to sew, embroider, quilt, &  pattern-make at an early age. Although she has since moved away from  that lifestyle, she has carried over some of the elements of clean  lines, and avoiding waste, into MJochele, while also giving her designs  their own modern flair. 

MJOCHELE has been founded on  principles of celebrating diversity & inclusivity, encouraging  ethical practices, with social enterprise & positive community  impact at the very heart of operations. As MJOCHELE expands, operations  will remain within the US & utilize local designers,  seamstresses/tailors, and needle-workers.  

One of MJOCHELE’s  social enterprise initiatives include providing training & work for  women from within marginalized areas, such as immigrants who may  otherwise not be able to find work despite their amazing talents, and  women escaping human trafficking situations. Other initiatives include  giving back a portion of proceeds to charity, & volunteer work  within our company and community. 

At MJOCHELE, we believe that  every person carries the essence of haute couture within them; that  every person has unique requirements, qualities and tastes; and that  every person deserves luxury clothing that feels like it was designed  just for them.  

Whether you choose from our ready-to-wear  clothing lines, or indulge with our custom department, our goal is to  mirror your inner essence in the

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Coral Marie

About Coral Marie

Coral grew up on the whole grains, humidity and sunshine of Southeast Ohio's Appalachian Valley. She finds inspiration in the sky, the ground, the water and her relationships. “Designing is an exploration of my surroundings,” says Coral.

Her previous career in the fashion industry informs her choices in the search for balancing a healthy creative practice. Upon becoming a mother, Coral slowly built her collection as a way to structure work, while balancing her new roles. Since 2011 the business has grown & blossomed along her personal journey of womanhood. 

She Says, "I strive to fulfill my creative practice, while being respectful to the planet and to my community. As I design, I focus on a harmony of functionality and beauty. I focus on sourcing sustainable materials that are reused, recycled or organic along with producing the work by hand in my studio. 

Being a maker is an important part of my design philosophy. By handcrafting each piece personally from start to finish I ensure the quality and impact of my work. This investment in the process allows for a better understanding of how to harmonize all the aspects that go into the work. As a tactile person who enjoys materiality, I find myself humbled, challenged and inspired by the process of making slow fashion.”

Coral holds a BFA from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago. Prior to launching her own collection she worked in design, production & sales for both women's and children's wear.

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Anástasi Fashion

"No  one  should  be  limited  by  a prevailing  style.  The  clothing  that  we wear should be an extension of who we are, striving to capture and express the essence  that  organically  springs  from our internal beauty."~ Renae Kotarski,Founder & Designer at Anástasi Fashion

Anástasi  Fashion  brand  was  created by fashion designer Renae Kotarski in2017.  Renae  holds  a  bachelor’s degree  in  fashion  design  from  AIU Atlanta and a MD iv in Theology from SBTS  of   Louisville,   Kentucky. Anástasi  Fashion  is  a  brand  that  is ethically and sustainably made in the USA.The modern woman who wears Anástasi  is  active.  She  is  honest,fierce, and socially active.She is an influencer and what she wears reflects that.The fabrics that are used are organic and eco-friendly and the designs are modern  minimalistic  with  a  feminine high fashion appeal. 

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Emma Fry

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Mob Clothing

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Mixd Fashion

About Mixd Fashion

MIXD Fashion’s goal is to break the rules of athleisure wear, by making fun and girl power the heart of the brand. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, our high end garments are custom made from patterns, and fittings, to the final product.  A classic MIXD piece stands out by our imagination of color and textures, with a underlying sporty theme. Mixd Fashion loves to celebrate and dress the unstoppable females, the go getters, the creative ballers.