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The Dayton Emerging Fashion  Incubator (DE-FI) LLC is committed to playing an active role in the  revitalization and continuous growth of the Dayton and Miami Valley  areas!! Our staff and models are required to volunteer a minimum of 40  hours a year in their respective communities in order to participate in  any (DE-FI) related events.

In 2013, the Circle of  Vision Keepers Re-Entry and Recovery Program and the My Beauty is  Priceless and Sons of Solomon youth empowerment seminars became our  official community outreach partners!  For more information on the  Circle of Vision Keepers Re-entry and Recovery Program, please visit  their website at http://www.visionkeepers.wix.com/visionkeepers.   

For more information on the My Beauty is Priceless and Sons of Solomon  youth empowerment seminars, please contact Miracle Mitchell at miraclesofexcellence@yahoo.com for further information.

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The Circle of Vision Keepers Re-Entry and Recovery program


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My Beauty Is Priceless and the Sons of Solomon


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