Goals and Strategic Plan on becoming the fashion capital of the Midwest

Together,  our Fashion Incubator can make Dayton the Fashion Capital of the Midwest!


1. Invest in engaged scholarship and grow impact and reputation of the (DE-FI), translational and education programs.

2. Conduct commercially viable research on the fashion industry and become the national and international leader in collaborating with industry to drive significant advances for critical societal and economic changes.

3. Provide a world-class fashion advancement program becoming and or maintaining our stature as a top-ten producer fashion-based talent

4. Be a national leader in fashion manufacturing

5. Be a national leader in professional and career development 

6. Create and sustain a top-performing, diverse and inclusive Advancement organization that will attract and retain first-rate talent within the framework of an integrated infrastructure and a highly collaborative culture, to optimize constituent engagement, alumni loyalty, and philanthropic revenues.

7. Foster awareness of and advocacy for the (DE-FI) to enhance revenue, reputation and rankings

8. Broaden and deepen constituent engagement with the (DE-FI) to develop more meaningful and loyal relationships that can be leveraged towards increasing philanthropic and other means of support.

9. Increase and strengthen corporate/industry partnerships with (DE-FI) to optimize philanthropic revenues and research grants, as well as to increase experiential learning and career opportunities for students

10. Optimize and maximize philanthropic support of (DE-FI) towards attaining and sustaining $250,000 explain further. in private funds raised annually by or before the end of the following fiscal year

11. Create and sustain an organizational environment that intentionally values inclusive excellence and advances equity.

12. Become recognized as a state, national and international leader advancing diversity, inclusion and equity in fashion

13. Grow and transform our physical spaces to drive learning and innovation.

14. Implement a centric organizational structure in business operations, human resources, and finance to support the strategic goals of (DE-FI) to ensure services are provided efficiently with a focus on customer service

15. Resource Stewardship

16. Our goals will be supported by the strategic investment of our resources, including financial resources, human capital and infrastructure.


Highlights from our Strategic Plan

• The strategic plan is based on focusing our resources on a robust financial plan emphasizing multi-year investments in support of our mission 

• We will develop diversified revenue streams and maximize our opportunities to leverage our resources across the Ohio, the Midwest and external collaborations 

• We will offer robust mentoring and retention programs for our entire team 

• We will support our team through a strong merit-based compensation program and professional development opportunities

• We will ensure our operations are efficient and streamlined to maximize our effectiveness. 

• We will ensure our team is highly trained in financial analysis and planning and works in collaboration to manage the financial resources.